Begin Again


It’s been two years since I last wrote on this blog and almost four years since I closed Orthodox Christian Craft Supply.  Neither of those numbers seem anywhere close to correct.

Where would I even begin to list the things that have changed since then?  It’s interesting how picking out one moment in life helps you see all the rest of the pieces in a different colored light.  Life goes on.  I’m hardly the first to notice that.

With God’s help, I’m pleased to say that I’m back.  I’ll be writing again on this blog, and I’ll be selling educational and craft items.  I loved Orthodox Christian Craft Supply so much.  It’s never left my mind and heart.  But I’m a big enough girl to admit that I never ran that business correctly.  So many times, I get too big and too complicated with my ideas.  The shop was no different.  I let that business take over and run my entire life.  It was an explosive mess that ended with me falling flat on my face…hard.

I’m so very grateful for that failure, though.  It was a gift.  In The Ladder of Divine Ascent, St. John Climacus says:

“It seems to me that those who have fallen and are penitent are more blessed than those who have never fallen and who do not have to mourn over themselves, because through having fallen, they have pulled themselves up by a sure resurrection.” 

I messed up.  I fell.  That part is obvious.  Whether I stay down there or not is purely my choice.  After a season of regrouping and contemplation, my choice is to get up and start the climb again.

My next post will describe how I plan to revamp Orthodox Christian Craft Supply into something that is the best possible thing for both you and me.  Forgive me if you wrote in the last few years and received no reply.  I did not check the email associated with this blog when I stopped selling items.  Rather than going backward, I’m just wiping everything out and starting fresh.  If you wish to contact me now, know that I will be sure to look for your message.

Please pray for me as I begin again.  Looking forward to having you along on the journey with me!


4 thoughts on “Begin Again

  1. So glad you’re back! I have sorely missed your wonderful crafts!
    Blessings to you on your “new” beginning!
    Pres. Andrea Barakos

  2. So glad to hear you are back! I think you are too critical of yourself-your lovely craft projects grounded the class and were a total delight for all the children who used them!

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