Button Tree Craft


Usually when I see a craft inspiration online, my mind takes off onto how I want to change it, tweak it, and make it my own.  But when I saw this button project from Simply Designing, I didn’t want to make something like that, I wanted to make THAT.

I just love buttons.  You can put them on anything, and my button collection has been aching to be used.  Even though I’m not totally embracing the thought of spring yet (I figure that way I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t actually show up anytime soon), it’s time to start spring crafting.  I need some color around here, and if we can’t have it outside, we’ll have it inside.

A couple years ago, I bought a painting at a thrift store.  I don’t even remember the original picture, because I didn’t buy it for what was there.  I bought it for the frame.  It had a wonderful, textured basket weave frame with lots of potential.  So, for a couple of bucks, I had a great frame and a canvas that I just painted over.  I bought it with another project in mind, but I never ended up using it for that.  For this project, I painted the canvas white and the frame teal.

I had my son paint a tree, because I am crafty, but I am NOT artistic.  I really, really wish I could draw and paint, but we’re all better off if I leave that up to the experts.

Then, Hilary and I set to work with the buttons.  It was fun experimenting with the colors and combinations.  Hilary is queen of patterns, so I had a very willing helper.  Not surprisingly, she no longer had any interest in helping when it was time to go back and glue each button down.  I was pretty sure my hand was going to fall off after I lifted each one, squeezed a dot of glue underneath, and replaced it.  Worth the effort, though!

This was a great kick start to our spring crafting.  I have found the best way to feed my crafting habit is to change the decor in a few areas of my home with the seasons.  That way, there’s always a new reason to make something, but we don’t end up drowning in stuff.  We only have things out temporarily, and then we clear them out to make room for the new round.  Goodbye winter!  It’s time for color!


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