Upcoming Holy Week Journal

How can Lent be ending?  It has flashed by at record speed.  I have that tugging feeling that I didn’t “do” enough, while knowing that it isn’t about “doing” at all.  I didn’t be still enough.  I didn’t breathe enough.  I lived through Lent.  I didn’t let Lent live in me.

So, this week I’ve been treasuring the last moments and soaking up every bit of peace that  I can.  But here we are at the end.  Hilary took Friday’s door off our Lenten Calendar today, so next is #8…Lazarus Saturday.  Holy Week stretches before us.  Now, more than ever, it’s time to enter in and just BE.  Live the last week of Christ.  Wait by the tomb.  Welcome the Resurrection.  It is time.

Normally, I keep computer use to a bare minimum during Holy Week, and I definitely plan on avoiding the frivolous use of electronics.  However, I am going to be doing a blogging journal of Holy Week.  Each day, I’m going to post pictures and thoughts about the services, our family’s traditions, and the journey of the heart to Pascha.  If you’re online starting tomorrow, please stop by.  If you know any non-Orthodox who are interested in what we do, please tell them!  I pray I will accurately share what it means to live the Orthodox Faith in this central time of the year.

Wishing you a blessed remainder of the Lenten season!


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