Lazy days of summer

It’s that time of year again.  It’s the end of July.  A good chunk of summer is behind us, but there are almost four more weeks left until school starts.  The kids are officially bored out of their minds.  Yep.  We’re right on schedule!

How much they longed for summer vacation.  In April, the mere thought brought out words of near poetry from Lonna as she dreamed of the “perfect” summer.  Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no responsibilities.

Vacation has taken its toll, though.  “There’s nothing to do!” is a  statement uttered by at least one child per day in a whiny squeal that sounds more like: “There’s nothing to deeeeeeewwwwwww!”

I am reminded of balance and chaos and God.  The Lord who worked also rested, but even in His rest He was at work.  Too much work is exhausting.  Too much rest is dangerous.

As I continue to wait for my procedure date, I, too, am faced with the effects of too much rest.  Around me, my own summer dreams are scattered and unrealized.  I had so many organizing, craft, and homeschool projects planned.  Activities for every day, from long walks to days at the lake.  Rather than the lake breeze, I cling to the air conditioning.  My only walks are from one end of the house to the other.

I am keenly aware of the silence.  I contemplate the importance of balance.  Work and play…and all of it done with prayer.  I welcome the activities I have the opportunity to do and seek to do them in prayer and inner stillness.

There is a need for both work and rest.  But always…always there must be the work of prayer.  It is a sweet labor of the heart that never ceases.  Never do I want to take a break from it.  Never do I need a vacation.  This is a time of opportunity.  A time to learn to seek God at all times and in all places.  A time to rest while working.  What I did on my summer vacation…


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