Outside my window…It has been unseasonably warm for so long, I guess we just skipped the whole season of spring.  I actually turned the air conditioner on…in May!  I know, I know.  Hardly a newsworthy event.  However, ever since I moved north, I like to see just how long we can hold off before turning it on.  What will June have in store???

I am thinking…about the relationship between schedules and self-denial.

I am thankful for…a new medication that has greatly lessened pain I have from a chronic condition.

From the learning rooms…Five more days of school.  We’ve never had a firm stop day before.  Usually, we just kind of end when we’re done or decide to hold things off for the summer.  But this year, Lonna went to public school, and we’ve been matching her schedule.  So, school officially ends on June 8th.  I’m having that yearly feeling of relief, mixed with bittersweet nostalgia, mixed with anticipation, mixed with a big giant…Yikes!!!!

From the kitchen…We had Curried Carrot Soup for lunch today.  It was a very different flavor for us that was complex and satisfying.  It made the house smell like a bright day in India.

I am wearing…a denim skirt and a polo shirt.

I am creating…fish for our felt board.

I am going…to the library.  As school winds down, I’m transitioning to a summer schedule with Hilary.  It will look like:

Monday: beach at the lake

Tuesday: library

Wednesday:  Liturgy

Thursday:  children’s museum

Friday:  field trip/park day
I am reading…

Special Techniques and Stitches in Crochet

I think I just have to make the pillow on page 10.

I am hoping and praying…that my husband has a good phone interview in the morning.

I am hearing…Five year old Hilary chanting during prayers.  Last week, she opened her mouth and a precious, sing-songy lilt of a chant came out.  I swallow a laugh and a tear every time she does it.

Around the house…The simplicity plan, as we call it, continues.  Every inch of the house is being deconstructed and reconstructed as a simple, prayerful space.  The fun areas are over, and it’s time to move to the scary places…the kids’ bedrooms!

One of my favorite things…the baby birds in the house on the deck.  They never stop tweeting at their mama and fighting among themselves.  Hmmm.  Sounds vaguely reminiscent of our holiday weekend.

A few plans for the rest of the week…Lonna’s birthday is Saturday, which also is the last day of soccer for Jared and Hilary.  We’ll go out to eat (a rare treat) and have ice cream cake at home.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…

First time on her big girl birthday bike

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