Fishers of Men

I’m always challenged when looking for education resources for our family, because of the age difference in my kids.  I have two teens and one preschooler.  Sometimes, we do things together as a family and either tone it down for the little one or beef it up for the older ones.  Sometimes, though, I find it best to just give them material on their own levels.

On that note, I will not be doing Go and Make Disciples with my teens.  Rather, I have designed a guide to the book of Acts for them to use during the Apostles’ Fast.  This study is called Fishers of Men.

This is not an exhaustive study of Acts or meant to be a commentary in any way.  For each chapter of Acts, I have included several comprehension questions and/or discussion starters.  It is meant to give my teens direction for this time of increased prayer and fasting and provide avenues of discussion for our family.  It is brief and only scratches the surface.  I pray that it will spark exploration for us, which we can do as guided by the Holy Fathers and our own spiritual father.

I will do Go and Make Disciples with my preschooler on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  The teens will be expected to come to the dinner table each day of the Fast prepared to discuss the questions for that day’s chapter.  On the days that we overlap with the younger one, we will include her material in the discussion.  On other days, she’ll learn from listening to our conversation.

I absolutely think that the readings in Go and Make Disciples are suitable for any age.  However, I just wanted my teens to read the entire book of Acts this year, so we’re going this route.  I share my plan here in case someone else finds it useful.

I uploaded the first seven chapters’ questions.  I will post when I update the file to the final version.

The Fast has begun.  Holy Apostles pray for us!

Fishers of Men


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