Go and Make Disciples Felt Board

We’re almost ready for our readings to begin, as we journey with the Apostles during this special time of prayer and fasting.

I designed the study to include a symbol for each day’s reading.  We will put each of those symbols on a display.  This will track our progress, serve as a visible reminder of each lesson, and count down to the conclusion of the Apostles’ Fast on the feast of Ss. Peter and Paul.

I decided to make a felt board to display our symbols.  I chuckle a bit at some of the pictures I took.  I get all crafty and inspired late at night for some reason, and while my creative juices were flowing, my photography left a lot to be desired!

I started with a piece of 1/4″ thick foam core mounting board that we had left over from other projects.  It measured about 20″ by 30″.  I cut a piece of felt that was several inches larger than the board on all sides, and then I laid the board in the center of the felt.

Next, I stapled the felt to the board.  I didn’t need a staple gun for this, since it’s just a thin material.  I used a regular desk stapler.  As you’ll learn from me, I’m not a perfectionist about the details that don’t show.  If you make this and want the back to look pretty…take more care than I did!  Also, you could just glue a piece of felt or fabric over the back at the end.

Then, it was time to add the water.  I put another piece of darker blue felt on top and cut the top edge to be in a gentle, rolling wave.  I stapled it to the back in the same manner as the first piece.

The boat came next.  I cut a boat shape out of brown felt free hand.  Now, see how the left side is a little wonky.  That’s O.K.  It will be covered up by the net.  People often get discouraged in crafting when something goes wrong.  Don’t be!  Just take the lead of the mistake and roll with it.

I cut some thin strips of a darker brown and applied them to the boat for contrast.  I used a thin layer of tacky glue for this part.  Don’t go overboard with the glue.  It will seep through the felt and show.

I crocheted a fishing net, but you could make one by tying bits of string or twine.  You could also use netting from produce bags or a nylon dishwashing scrubbie stretched out.  Crocheting the net is a simple pattern that would be good for a child just learning to crochet.

To crochet the net, use worsted weight cotton yarn and a fairly large hook (I,J or K).  Make a chain the desired length of the net.  Sc into the seventh chain from the hook.  Ch 4, skip 2 ch, sc in the next chain.  Repeat until the end of the row.  Ch 4 and turn.  Sc in next ch 4 space.  Ch 4, sc in next ch 4 space until the end of the row.  Continue in additional rows until the desired size is reached.

I cut out white felt in the shape of clouds.  Then, I printed out the text in a font that I liked and a size that fit the clouds.  I attached everything with tacky glue.  For the net, I put dots of glue in strategic places here and there around the edges and a few in the middle to hold it in place.

And there’s our felt board!  The symbols will come next.  They will be placed on these fish and added after each reading is completed.

I’m excited now!  Hilary is intrigued by the board and asking lots of questions about what on the earth the Apostles’ Fast is about.  She doesn’t remember it from years past.

Lord, prepare us to enter into this time of prayer and fasting.  May it be a time of learning and blessing for all!


One thought on “Go and Make Disciples Felt Board

  1. Your board looks amazing! So creative! I craft a lot at night time too, so I know what you mean about the photographs, but yours look fine. What I fine difficult is photographing with one hand and holding the art medium with the other. Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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